The Niagara Soccer Association adheres and complies with the
Discipline Policies and Procedures 
established by Ontario Soccer

The complete Ontario Soccer Policy is available at: Ontario Soccer - Governing Documents - Section 12 Discipline

Delegation of Misconduct Jurisdiction

Where permitted, an Organization (Clubs, Leagues, Tournaments) may be delegated, by its Governing Organization (NSA), the responsibility for establishing a Discipline Hearing Panel to deal with one or more Misconduct Types. This responsibility may be revoked at any time by the higher Governing Organization (NSA). Registered Leagues, Clubs and at Tournaments shall ensure that their disciplinary rules, regulations and policies are consistent and do not conflict with those published by Ontario Soccer.

Rights and Responsibilities

Ontario Soccer and NSA may, without notice, audit any organization who has been delegated the responsibility to administer discipline to ensure full compliance with these Procedures. If an organization fails to administer discipline in accordance with these Procedures the Ontario Soccer and NSA has the right to:

  • a) intervene to correct the problem
  • b) withdraw the delegation to administer discipline; and
  • c) subject the organization to discipline

Every Club is responsible for the actions of its Players, Team Officials, Administrators and spectators. Every Club and League is required to take all precautions necessary to prevent its Players, Team Officials, Administrators and spectators from threatening or assaulting anyone present at games, and especially the Match Official(s).

Referral of Misconduct Cases

A Governing Organization (Clubs, Leagues, Tournaments) which has jurisdiction over a specific misconduct category may refer a misconduct incident to its higher Governing Organization (NSA). If the higher Governing Organization (NSA) determines that the referral is valid, it shall handle the case.

Who Can Be Disciplined?

Discipline action may only be taken against a Registrant or Registered Organization of Ontario Soccer for misconduct occurring at the time of the incident, and cannot be retroactively charged for incidents prior to registration of such person or organization.

Reporting Misconduct

A Registrant and/or Registered Organization is accused of an offence as identified in the Standard Penalties for Misconduct in Operational Procedure 9.0 and is subject to discipline when:

  • A Match Official reports an offence to the applicable Governing Organization electronically and/or by hard copy;
  • A Registrant or third party submits a written complaint and all supporting evidence and documentation that supports the complaint to a Governing Organization (NSA)  that an offence has been committed. Action shall only be taken if the Complainant willingly agrees to act as a witness;
  • A report submitted by a Match Official will be subject to Discipline By Hearing or Discipline By Review.  A report submitted by a Registrant or Third Party may be subject to Discipline Hearing if investigation warrants further action.

NSA 2017 Discipline Table of Fines and Fees



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Notice of Hearing or Decision Form

Rights of the Accused - Discipline by Hearing.pdf


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