All Niagara Refs,

(1) Rain storms

Tonight, between 6:30 & 7:30 PM I received a total of 11 phone calls/text messages from refs asking me if their game was still on. My answer to all of them that I managed to respond to was 'officially yes'. If a storm has approached the Niagara Region after 5:00 PM there is no one to inform me of any field cancellations. It could be sunny in St.Catharines but pouring rain in Welland, nice weather in Ft.Erie but terrible weather in Grimsby. There is no way that I could know if your game was cancelled. THEREFORE, you still must go to your game. At that particular field the middle referee will have to make a decision to cancel the game or not. If your game is postponed, the middle ref will than apply to the league in question for half game fees.

If you are doing a SRSL game and your game is cancelled before 5:00 PM, you shall receive an email from the SRSL informing you that the game is cancelled.

In short, you must report to your game (unless I or a league have notified you otherwise) no matter if you think the game is on or off.

(2) OWSL

For some reason there still is a lot of confusion regarding this league. I have stated many times that I AM NOT the assignor for this league. BUT, I still receive many phone calls or emails from refs telling me to remove them from a game in this league or why a game was cancelled.

The assignor for this league is Ross Cunningham:     or      

(3) Smith # 3 & Smith # 4

This happens every year. Please note that if you are assigned a game at Smith # 3 or Smith # 4, PLEASE DO NOT GO TO SMITHVILLE. These parks are in Grimsby.

(4) Keeping track of assignments

Try and keep the habit of writing down (hard copy) on a calendar or agenda book all of your games. Refs who phone me to tell me that they have misplaced their cell phone or have had a computer malfunction will not receive any sympathy from me because you have now missed a game. Write your games down somewhere so that you actually have a written copy somewhere. 

Thank-you for your cooperation in these matters.

Ron Sutherland
NYSL, NRGSL,  Men´s Premier, 1st, 2nd & Vets
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Cell:    905-708-5057
NSA:  905-984-8411