HADMIN Guidelines

MJ Game Sheets and Envelopes

To club administrators.   Please read and pass on to all your MJ coaches:

As we are now into our third week of the MJ season there has been a number of reported issues with respect to game sheets, envelopes and referee payments that require attention by MJ coaches.

Game Sheets  

Two copies of the printed game sheets obtained through HaDmin and handed to the referee are mandatory prior to the start of every MJ game.   These game sheets must be complete in every detail, including all participating players/team officials names, OS #s, and shirt number.   Both copies must be signed by all participating team officials.

If copies of the game sheets can not be printed through HaDmin in a timely fashion, hand made copies of the MJ game sheet will be acceptable.   The hand made copies must also be complete in every detail.  Team officials must then bring the inability to print the game sheets to the attention of the MJ league.

In all situations, coaching staff MUST come to the field with completed game sheets.   The referees are being instructed not to start any MJ game where team officials can not produce COMPLETE copies of game sheets.   Teams/Clubs will be then be subject to league discipline.

Finally, copies of the game sheets that are given back to the team officials must be retained by the team until at least the end of the current outdoor season.


It is the responsibility of the home team to provide the referee with a self-addressed and stamped UNSEALED #10 envelope.    The league has already provided the unsealed, self-addressed #10 envelopes to all MJ coaches.   It is not the responsibility of the referees to address or stamp the envelopes nor can team officials provide money to referees to make stamp purchases on their behalf.  Referees are now required to report all instances where the proper process is not followed and the MJ league will begin to initiate disciplinary measures to ensure compliance.

Referee Fees

Referees MUST be paid (in cash) prior to the start of all MJ games.   All referees must be paid in the exact denominations and must NOT be asked to provide change.   Referees are being instructed to not start an MJ game where they are not paid in cash with the correct denominations.

Should the game not get started for any reason, the referee(s) are required to return the fee in full to the home team official.   Referee will then solicit the league for their half-game fees.   Any MJ game that is started requires full payment to the referee(s) regardless of whether the game goes to full time or not.

Thank you for your immediate attention to these issues.

H&DMJSCL Executive