Team Game Sheets and the Coaches

June 17, 2017
Subject: Team Game Sheets and the Coaches

An important duty of the Referee is to obtain and review the Team Game Sheets before the start of the Match. The Referee should review the Team Game sheets for the Players names, OSA Registration numbers and Shirt Numbers.
BUT, the Referee also needs to confirm the number of people named on the Team Sheets as Coaches are verified.
If, the number of listed persons as Coaches does not equal the number on the Team Bench, the Referee should ask the person named as Head Coach or Manager to identify the other persons that plan on sitting on the Team Bench during the Match.
If, the other Coaches are not named on the Team Game Sheets, but can provide their OSA Registration book, the Referee can add them by printing their name and OSA Number on the Team Game Sheet.
If, the other Coaches are not listed and do not have their OSA Registration book available, they are no longer allowed to sit on the Team Bench and MUST move to the spectator side of the field.
This process MUST be completed before the start of the Match as it will become difficult to deal with the non-listed persons once the Match has begun. Also, every Team is aware of these Rules and no excuses or exceptions should be allowed regardless of the age or competition level of the Match.
Finally, any incidents of irresponsible behavior by the Coaches, whether they are on the Team Bench or sitting as spectators can be reported on a Special Incident Report.

Lou Braida, Niagara DRC