Coach Certification
January 5, 2017

OSA Coaching Course Updates

It is mandatory for all coaches in all District Competitive (2016) (see chart below, recreational are required to have these course for 2017) Leagues and higher to have completed the required NCCP LTPD specific courses with respects to the age groups they are coaching in effective April 2017. Previous community courses from the old system (Child, Youth & Senior and/or Level 1, 2, 3) will not be recognized due to improvements implemented in the new player development system.

Please note that coaches do not need to complete all the courses listed below, they are only required to complete the course that corresponds with the age group(s) they will be coaching.

·       Active Start U4-U5

·       FUNdamentals U6-U8

·       Learn to Train U9-U12

·       Soccer for Life U13+

Making Head Way in Soccer
Coaches will also be required to complete the FREE online module ‘Making Head Way in Soccer Concussion Course’ provided by the National Coaching Certificate Program (NCCP). This online module can be found on the NCCP website and will require 60-90 minutes to complete.

Make Ethical Decisions (MED)
The Make Ethical Decisions (MED) is a course that is required for all coaches who take LTPD Coaching Courses. Coaches are required to attend the mandatory in-class MED course, which runs approximately 3 hours in length. This course is an NCCP course, and will show up on Coaches transcripts on NCCP's "The Locker". There is an online evaluation that pertains to the in-class MED course, however, only coaches looking to attain a C Licence will need to have this portion completed.

To Search and Register for an MED Course - please click here

To host an MED course within your district of club - please click here

Respect in Sport Activity Leader Program
The RIS Activity Leader Program
is the risk management industry leading education and certification program for youth leaders to recognize, understand and respond to issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination.

Under this new agreement, The OSA will be expanding the education and certification program to further include more Coaches in our system and Match Officials. The following is the approved five‑year program phase in process:

i. Certification is valid for five (5 years).
ii. The RIS Activity Leader certification program is transferable and recognized across other sports.
iii. Certification and training is conducted via a 2 to 2.5 hour on-line course.
iv. Payment is conducted on-line. Course fee is $30. Certification # provided upon course completion.
v. OSA joins the numerous other sporting organizations in Canada by utilizing the Respect in Sport – Activity Leader Program. “Respect in Soccer” as it was once known, now no longer exists.
vi. The Respect in Sport Certification will not appear on “NCCP Locker” profiles or “Coach Centre” profiles. Participants will always be able to access their RIS certificate and certificate number by logging into their personal account on the Respect in Sport Website.
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