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Click here for Player Registration Form (under 18)

Click here for Player Registration Form (over 18)


Click here for Player Evaluation Form

Playing Up – LTDP (Long Term Development – U12)  Players are eligible to play up, only after having completed the appropriate evaluation designated by the OSA Grassroots program.  See OSA web site,



Click here for 2017 Playing Out of District Application

           _ Playing Out Rights:A Club may enter a team or teams in a District Recreational or District Competitive League affiliated with an adjacent District Association provided that its District Association does not operate a District Recreational or District Competitive League and subject to the approval of both its District Association and the League's District Association.


Click Here for TEP (Temporary Eligibility Permit)

                   - Any U-13 and older player registered with the O.S.A is eligible to obtain a "Temporary Eligibility Permit"which shall entitle the player, subject to approval, to play for a registered Club Team of a Club other than the one which he/she is registered in a game of any registered league or sanctioned tournament. (for further information go to O.S.A web site, Governing Documents, Operational Procedures, Page 104.


Click Here for TRP (Trial Registration Permit)

                     -TRP is a temporary registration with the O.S.A which shall only be used by players who are not registered with the O.S.A.  Notwithstanding the fact that this is considered a registration with a specific team, it shall not be included in the count of total number of players registered with a team.(for further information go to O.S.A web site, Governing Documents, Operational Procedures, Page 67.


Click Here for Player Transfer Form

The player shall give the club notice in writing of intent to transfer.     The Transfer Form is to be purchased by the player from the club where registered.  The top portion of the form is the player’s contact information.  The middle portion of the form (release) is to be completed and signed by the Club Registrar/Administrator (The coach’s signature is not acceptable).  The player is to be terminated in the registration system and signed.   The form shall then be passed to the player together with the player’s registration book.  The player shall complete a “Club Player Registration Form” to play with the new club and pay the club’s registration fee. The bottom (receiving) portion of the Transfer form is to be completed, signed and processed by the new Club Registrar/Administrator.  A new validation in the player book is to be completed for the new team.  The form and book should then be sent to the District Office for validation.  If all is correct, the District will attach a sticker and validate the transfer.   A player is permitted two transfers per season.   Before using Trial Permits, Temporary Registration Permits and Player Transfer Forms, check with your league or tournament host.  They may have deadlines or restrictions.

Certificate of Insurance Request Form Procedure

Step One: Complete a Certificate of Insurance Request Form (click on link to download form).

Step Two:  Upon completion, forward the form to the Niagara Soccer Association (your district office) @ nsa@niagarasoccer.net .

Step Three: The district will then email the form to HUB International
(Attn: osainsurance@hubinternational.com) with a copy to the OSA (Attn: Lina Prevedel TheOSA@soccer.on.ca).

Step Four:  HUB International has committed to process Certificate requests within 24 hours and email the Certificate back to the district, which, in turn, will email it to the requesting club.

that only requests submitted on a properly completed Certificate of Insurance Request Form  will be processed.

- See more at: HUB International Insurance Brokers



Travel Permit to Tournaments / Exhibition Games 

If you want to submit an Application to Travel Form - ATF, Application to Host an Exhibition Game - AHEG, or host a Festival/Tournament Application Form - FAF/TAF, please login or sign up first. )

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